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Honors Classes-Science Fair Presentations are due 12/1/08.

  • Please use PowerPoint or Word to create slides. 

  • Presentations will be emailed to or saved on a flash drive and carried to school. 

  • Presentations will be made using the projector.  Podcasts could also be made from slides.

  • Free download for presentations software if you do not have PowerPoint or Word:

Satellite Project Rubric

No school Monday & Tuesday



1.      Complete Focus-write questions & use clean NB paper.

2.      Turn in Satellite Project-flyer, rubric, lat/long data table, & plots on map.  Staple.

3.      Read 4.1 orally.

4.      Get Finding Info on the Periodic Table packet.  Staple P. Table to front if missing.

5.      Lightly color the & create key using the colors on the overhead. Colors based on physical & chemical properties.

6.      Complete the remaining pages.  Leave oxidation number blank.

7.      Finish for HW.

Periodic Table Song

Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table

Chemical - An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

How Periodic Table Organized

Thursday 11/6

1.      Focus

2.      Review Guided Notes & Finding Info on Periodic Table. Complete any remaining sections.

3.      Using Clues to Id Elements-use grid system on chart-write element numbers at the top of column or row as revealed in clues.  Enter number & cross out number.  Finish for HW.

How Periodic Table Organized

Friday 11/7

1.      Review Physical & Chemical Properties.  Complete handout.

2.      Define isotopes (p83)

3.      Visits website.  Draw 3 isotopes for Cu & 3 isotopes for Sn. 

4.      Define "average atomic mass" p86.

5.      Read 4.2 orally.  Finish for HW.

Periodic Table of Isotopes